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World Water Day 2022-Making the Invisible Visible

World Water Day, Shopycone
World water day has been observed on 22nd March of each year around the world with the aim to value the importance of water. This day was initiated by The United Nations General Assembly on 22 December 1992. After that, this day was celebrated on 22nd March 1993 for the first time in history.
Water is the very essential resource in our lives, from drinking to cleaning it has many uses in our daily life. Water is the basic necessity of life; imagine life without water on the earth. Is it impossible to live a single day without the consumption of water?
The answer is NO because our body needs water to carry oxygen and other nutrients to every cell, tissue, and organ. It also normalizes the body temperature and maintains some other functions. The other functions are sweating, digestion, and breathing where our body needs a lot of water. Therefore to rehydrate our body we consume foods have fluids and drink water.
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When it comes to the consumption of water, it depends from person to person and varies with age. According to the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine it is necessary to consume 2.7 liters or 11.5 cups of water for adult women every day. While the daily consumption of water for an adult man is 3.7 liters or 15.5 cups. The consumption of water also depends on the region, diet, temperature, season, environment, and health.
A person in a hot and dry region will have to consume more water than a person living in a cold region. Similarly, if a person has a diet that contains high salt, sugar, spicy food, or other dehydrated foods then consumption of water will also be high. But it is advised to consume natural food and vegetables etc to maintain your body water at the best level. Eating organic food does not mean that you will not feel thirsty or drink less water still, you have to drink enough water. Doctors advise taking at least 2-3 liters of water a day.

World Water Day 2021 theme

This year the theme of world water day is “valuing water” which has been selected to realize the importance and value of water. Water is a resource that has much high value than its price. The use of water starts from our food and ends in the green environment in our surroundings. This means that life is from water, if water exists then life exists.
The aim of global water day is also to raise awareness about the value of water and the water crisis that the world is facing. Today, Global Research Organization figured out 17 countries almost one-quarter of the world’s population that are in extremely high water stress conditions due to climate change. These 17 countries were found using 80% of the available surface water, and groundwater for agriculture, Industries, and municipalities.

The Experts of the World Resource Institute (WRI) said that it is a warning towards increasing water stress regions in the world that could be possibly lead towards “day Zeros”. Day zeroes are the term that becomes popular when Cap Town, the city of South Africa came close to running out of clean and drinkable water back in 2018.
To imagine the future picture of climate change, and water risk is alarming for the water stress countries because it will also raise social and political problems related to water shortage. Water shortages can lead to conflicts, war on water, migration of large scale, insufficient food supplies, and shutter down of water-dependent industries together with mining and manufacturing industries.

Importance of water

Living lives exist due to the existence of water. All humans, animals, and plants need water to survive. The primary human use of water is used for drinking purposes, then cooking, washing, cleaning, and using for agricultural needs. Approximately, 71 percent of the earth’s surface is occupied by water but still, we are running shortage of water. The reason behind this is a shortage of potable water. Clean water used for drinking is called potable water is almost 2 % available on the earth’s surface. It is time to understand the importance of water before it is too late.

How to celebrate World Water Day

There are numerous ways to celebrate world water day, let’s discuss some of them.
1) Start an awareness campaign in your society about the use of water inefficient way.
2) Consume less water and if possible recycle it and use it multiple times.
3) Become a part of the international event organized by the international water day organization.
4) Start raising funds for the water shortage countries.
5) Make a small video or documentary on water shortage and share it on social media with friends.
6) Write a blog on the importance of water and share it in any local newspaper also share it on social media with hashtags i.e. #WorldWaterDay, #waterdaywitnature, water-day_withf_riends, etc.
7) design beautiful play cards with the theme of world water day, and display them on school, college notice boards.
8) Be a part of an international organizations that are working for food insecurities and water-stressed vulnerable countries.
9) start fundraising for world water day, and utilize it locally for the preservation of any lake, river, pool, etc.
10) You can also share this content on your social media.

Bottom Line
The reason for writing this content is purely to grab the attention of the world leaders, businesses, and common people towards our collective issues like climate change, global warming, water shortage, etc. we are trying to raise awareness on issues in our environment and also we are trying to change the lifestyle of people towards sustainable living. We suggest green and eco-friendly living because we care about people, and also we care about the environment.

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