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World Migratory Bird Day 2022, How to Celebrate

World Migratory Bird Day, Shopycone
migratory birdsOverview about world migratory Bird day
World migratory Bird Day is an initiative by global environmentalists from 2006. It is an awareness campaign to draw special attention to the conservation of migratory birds. And to highlight the climatic threats faced by the migratory birds. These birds move around the world in search of habitats that meet their ecological needs. World migratory Bird Day is celebrated twice a year, once in the second week of May and in October.

World Migratory Bird Day 2020 theme: Birds Connect Our World
Birds connect our world is the theme of WMBD 2020, indicating that these migratory birds travel across the globe with some specific routes. Exploring those routes with their natural ecological importance and threats faced by migratory birds is a new challenge for us. To understand this threat there is a need for actions for international cooperation to conserve these migratory birds. Birds connect our world is the slogan of restoration the ecological connectivity to support the moment of migratory birds.
Don’t look at the sky to search for migratory birds, they can be founded everywhere. They are in cities, parks, forests, mountains, deserts, and shores. Often migratory birds are illegally hunted in the countryside. Migratory birds need protection as they are under the threat of losing habitats. Extinction of species due to climate change and disturbance in their habitat should be considered by the leaders of the world if we really want to see our future generations with these amazing ecosystems.
The outbreak of coronavirus locked down the world but birds are free to fly and enjoy. Migratory birds connect us and the places where we live around the globe. There is a need for global actions for the better protection of the migratory birds. Each year several events are held regarding the awareness of protecting migratory birds but this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t seem possible.
Let’s raise awareness for the protection of migratory in our individual capacity as they are the precious asset of our environment. What’s your motive, share with others.

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