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World Environmental Day 2022_How to Celebrate

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World Environmental day is celebrated each year on 5th June to raise awareness and action for the environment on a global level. More than 143 countries worldwide celebrate the world environment to show their interest in the environment and earth. This event has been observed by United Nations to encourage volunteers, environmental heroes, and spread awareness regarding a clean and sustainable environment.

World environmental day 2021

World environmental day 2021 will be hosted by Pakistan in partnership with United Nation Environmental Programme (UNEP). This will be the first opportunity for Pakistan to host officially hosting world environmental day. The General Secretary of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will attend the conference.
On the occasion of this event, the Prime Minister of Pakistan will highlight the struggle of Pakistan for the mitigation of Climate change, the progress of the 10 billion tree tsunami project of Pakistan, and the upcoming green policies of the country.

World environmental day 2021 theme

The theme for World environmental day is Reimaging, Recreate, and Restore. The significance of the celebration of this day is to remind the people of the world that nature should be our first priority and it should not be taken for granted. So this year the theme selected for the world environmental day restoration ecosystem mainly focuses on the resetting of any country with the environment.

Objectives of World Environmental Day

First world environmental day was celebrated in 1947 to raise awareness on water pollution, global warming, and the sustainable consumption of natural resources in the environment. Onward that year, the environmental day is organized in different ways like managing tree plantations, kids’ poster competition, essay competition on environmental issues, awareness campaigns, and lecturers. Youth especially students and kids take part in these activities while leaders and environmentalists belonging to different regions of the world suggest solutions and ways of prevention.
In this phase of the century, our mother earth is facing environmental threats in form of global warming, marine pollution, climate change, and the list goes on. Climate change is the major environmental issue that would affect sustainable health life on earth. Strategies of climate change are climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation strategies like using the low irrigated seed for agriculture, plantation of trees, etc are suggested by climate change activists. One of the ways to celebrate world environment day is a plantation of maximum trees to secure the future of the human race from the devastating effects of climate change.
Let’s plant more and more trees

World Environmental Day 2020 Theme

5th June is the World Environmental Day that would be celebrated on the first Friday of June 2020 hosted by Colombia. The theme of the World Environmental Day (WED) 2020 will be “biodiversity”. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announces that this year Colombia will host World Environmental day in partnership with Germany focusing on biodiversity that we all have in common.

During the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) announcement, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme emphasized that we are facing almost one million extinction of animal species and plant species. So nothing is more important than focusing on the issue of biodiversity. Further, he added that although 2020 is a very critical year of action because humans are facing a world pandemic situation and nature is in a crisis that is why there is a need for nature-based solutions for global climate challenges. China is hosting COP15, the 15th meeting of the conference of the parties on biological Diversity to restore and preserve global biodiversity.
Colombia is hosting this year’s World Environmental Day with the theme of biodiversity. Remember that Colombia is one of the megadiverse countries with 10 percent of the plant’s biodiversity. Freshwater fishes, orchids, butterflies are some of the species that rank Colombia on top of the list when it comes to biodiversity. The country has high biological diversity in the ecosystem.
On the occasion of the climate change conference, Germany’s state sectary of the environment also shares his views about the world environmental day. “There is a need for developing policies for the extinction of animals’ species and plants and Germany is pleased to support Colombia to making the year 2020 full of actions for the conservation of biodiversity”.

How to Celebrate World Environmental Day

If you want to be a part of World environmental day then signup here and be a part of online events celebrating nature all over the world and share your views, ideas about the conservation of the environment with others. Let’s check out what others are doing.

Here are some interesting activities for environmental lovers. Take some pictures of biodiversity in your surroundings and share them on social media with some hashtags (#GH4Biodiversity, #IDB2020, #ForNature #WED2020). The best 3 photos will be announced in celebration of the world environmental Day event on 5 June at 2 PM. The last date of submission photos for the competition is 4 June till  5 PM. what you are waiting for, of course, you should be a part of a great event.


Temitope Ayodele is an environmental sanity advocate. He is a part of 10 days of awareness on social media arranged by Green Global Environment Network. He does post on different issues related to the environment and biodiversity. You can also join the 13 Eco-generation Environmental Essay competition.

How we could help you to celebrate Environmental Day

1. Plant trees in your garden and front of your home.
2. Organize awareness campaigns in the neighborhood.
3. Reduce plastic consumption.
4. Save money for feeding street dogs and pets.
5. Share your knowledge regarding the environment with your friends.

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