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climate change

If someone ask you what is climate change? You might get confused to define climate change so here is the proper definition of climate change. It is a change in weather conditions in long term. There is a huge difference between weather and climate change. Weather is the name of variation in temperature, wind, rainfall, and humidity over a short period of time. These short term changes in the atmosphere can be forecast with substantial skills and for a week in advance. Some changes in climate like droughts can be predicted with little knowledge and skills from season to season.

It is clear about the difference between weather and climate change but still, there is a need to define climate change properly.

Definition of Climate Change

Climate change phenomena are the long-term and unpredictable variations in rainfall patterns, rise in temperature, rise in sea level, melting of glaciers, floods, and storms are also part of climate change. One can say that climate change is the changes in statistical properties of the global climate system that keep going for several decades.

Climate change is caused by many factors like variations in global temperature mainly caused by the concentration of greenhouse gases. Change in global temperature is the aspect of Climate change that is known as global warming. Climate change is something bigger than global warming. Climate change includes changes in rainfall, wind patterns, and temperature.

Is Climate Change Real

The artificial satellites around the earth and advanced technologies make it possible for scientists to see the clear picture on a broader level. They collect more information about the earth and its climate and the pooled data of solid information collected over many years is showing changes in global climate. In the Fifth Assessment Report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) _2014, experts and scientists conclude that these changes in the earth’s atmosphere are extremely likely to be a result of human activities. Changes seem in ice bodies of  Antarctica, Greenland and other tropical mountains glaciers are the natural response of earth climate to changes in greenhouse gases level. Since the late 19 century, the rise in the global average temperature of about 1.62 oF (0.9 oC) is due to an increase in carbon and other human-made emissions in the atmosphere.

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