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Story of the Day-Join Us for Green Living

join us for green living, Shopycone

Introduction to green living

Join us for green living is a social campaign for sustainable living. We use different disposable items in our daily life like plastic bottles, shopping bags, and fabric-made products and within half a day we throw them into our waste bins then community workers collect that waste. Some of the developed countries reuse and recycle that waste to reduce the carbon footprint of those items and so that less pollution can be generated from the use of such items. While some countries have a strong legislative system and they charge the social cost of disposing of the manufacturers as well as from the consumers of the products that are hazardous to the environment. That is why people how to live over there consume very carefully and keep their environment clean.  But most of the developing countries have weak legislation systems, where those laws do not govern well by the state and local authorities because of the low education level and low living standards people hardly fulfill their basic needs and they assume believe that keeping the environment clean by following any such step is a luxury good.

Luxury goods are those goods for which demand increases when the income of the person increases but the increase in luxury products is proportionally more than the increase in income.

The point here is that the world needs to understand the reality that overproduction and overconsumption of resources are causing damages to the clean and healthy environment. Due to the lack of education, awareness, strict laws, regulations, and enforcement, our environment is leading towards the worst condition. Marine species are mostly suffering from the plastic litter in oceans; the agriculture sectors are suffering and diminishing their crop yield due to the dumping sites on a large scale. Air pollution, the invisible killer is causing health catastrophic issues.  Contamination of rivers from chemical hazardous waste and e-waste is common practice in developing countries. So issues like climate change, global warming is the results of the emission of greenhouse gases. All these are human gifted problems to the environment and we all have one thing in common: the environment. Therefore, keeping our environment clean is our collective goal. There are many options to save our environment, like adopting renewable energy sources, shifting the industrial sector to eco-friendly productivity. Recycling of water, litter and make it able to reuse again.  On an individual level, local level, and national level we all can follow the sustainable life pattern.

The question raised here is why people are not following the eco-friendly lifestyle?

The reason we found with the help of research is the lack of awareness. One of our studies found that awareness campaigns of environmental issues greatly influence changing the behavior of individuals. These awareness campaigns just push individual behaviors towards sustainable living. Then we start working on awareness on an individual level as light gains make a heavy purse. Writing content on environmental issues and sharing it with others is the right way to spread awareness. But as time passes I realized that taking action is also the most important part of awareness. So let’s take a start with our own self to motivate others. Come forward, and utilize your energies to protect the environment and our planet. Utilize your plastic waste in home décor, gardening, or art design and write motivational stories about it. I am sharing my first experience with you.

Here it is

Today’s story is about the reuse of a toilet flush tank. I found an old toilet tank in my garage, the very first thing that comes to my mind was to throw it away in a junkyard but then I realize the wastage of it. I separate it into parts and then what I found was an awesome flowerpot. So I wash it properly, clean it. After cleaning and filling it with soil and fertilizers. In the last step, I do plant a flower in a tank and placed it in one corner of my home. I really look cool and awesome. You want to see it. Check it out

I feel so excited after utilizing an old useless water tank. You know what; I also shared it on Twitter to motivate others, so that environmental heroes can pick any idea of utilizing and reusing any resources in their surroundings.

You can also follow what I did today. It takes only two to three hours or maybe more than that to convert useless items of your home into an awesome decoration. So what you are waiting for? Be a motivation for others, common get and start this task so that we can cover your story. Do something like this and make a story of it and send it to us. We will publish your motivational story with the rest of the world. We are offering this opportunity around the world. Anyone interested can mail us, we will really appreciate your efforts for eco-friendly living.

Bottom line: This content aims to motivate others to adopt green living by consuming less and reusing useless items so that our environment remains clean and green for sustainable life on earth. We also review different eco-friendly and green living products because we care about others and also we care about the environment.

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