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International Polar Bear Day 2022, Discover amazing info

International Polar Bear day, Shopycone

Polar Bear

Before starting the energetic discussion on the international polar bear day, we have some information about polar bears because most of the kids and children don’t know about it. The polar bear is the most powerful top predator and hyper carnivore animal that is considered a symbol of the strength of the Arctic zone.shopycone, Hypercarvonire

The scientific name of the polar bear is a Latin word, “Ursus maritimus” which means sea bear. This name is suitable for the polar bears because most of their life they spend around the Arctic Ocean and on the sea ice. Polar bears depend on sea ice for hunting, traveling, and resting. They can also swim at approximately the pace of six-mile per hour with the help of their front paws. The thick layer of their body fat protects them from water and cold air.

Climate change is creating potential losses to the ice sea habitat of the polar bears that why the polar bear has been listed as threatened species in the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. Polar bear international (PBI) was established in 2004 for the protection of endangered polar bears start a celebration of international polar bear day in 2011.

International Polar Bear Day

The international polar bear day is celebrated on 20th February of each year as an awareness for the conservation of polar bears. The polar bear day is organized by the International polar bear organization to spread an awareness campaign regarding the impact of global warming on the population of polar bears. The aim of celebrating this day is to raise awareness among people to reduce the individual carbon foot as low as possible. This can be possible by using eco-friendly transport services, green and sustainable products, less consumption of industrial products, possibly less use petroleum energy, and using energy efficiency mechanisms in houses. To save polar bears’ habitat there is a need to reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions from industries and factories are the leading cause of the increase in global temperature and air pollution. Environmental Protection Act, Paris Agreement, SDGs, WWF, and many more are the front page volunteers that play a vital role in the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems.

An international organization with the support of zoos to educate people about the conservation of polar bears, and also encourage them to participate in polar bear exhibits.  Many are also collecting donations to save the ecosystem. There are many ways to celebrate the international polar bear day. Let’s discuss some ways to celebrate the international bear day.


How to Celebrate International Polar Bear Day 2021

  1. Spread awareness regarding decreasing the carbon footprint of the individuals in your community. Less use of coal, less traveling through gas support vehicles.
  2. Encourage others to use bicycles for short-distance traveling and public transport for long-distance traveling this can possibly reduce air pollution and carbon emission.
  3. Make a short film or documentary on a polar bear with basic information like the habitat of the polar bear, polar bear population, factors that make polar bear endangered species, etc. submit this film to websites that arrange the international bear day, also share it on YouTube and other platforms.
  4. Arrange an event for kids having an art exhibition competition with paintings of Polar bears. It will help kids to know the issues faced by polar bears on the international polar bear day.
  5. Encourage your neighbors for installing sustainable energy plants like biogas plants, polar energy plants, etc rather than using gas energy, LPG, etc for indoor use.
  6. Make a solution-based policy to reduce the cost of energy by installing eco-friendly energy sources in your campus or college and submit it as an academic proposal to the head of your campus or high school.
  7. Make an artwork, play cards, and painting of polar bear and share it on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with hashtag i.e. #worldpolarbearDay2021. At least, friends in your social circle will know the importance of polar bears.
  8. Write a blog post with the theme name, the importance of polar bears, endangered species, the importance of low footprints, etc, and publish it through the different local newspapers, websites on the international polar bear day.
  9. Get involved in international events by donating to international organizations that will be used to protect the snow dens.
  10. You can also share this blog post on your Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms as an awareness for the conservation of polar bears.

Polar Bear Population

Due to the habitat of the polar bear in the Arctic, it is difficult to estimate the overall population of a polar bear but the studies and biologists have a rough estimation of approximately 20,000 to 30,000 total numbers of the polar bear having 19 subpopulations. The number of polar bears is expected to be decreased by 30% by 2050. According to the recent report of the International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN, 2019), polar bear specialist group 4 populations of the polar bears are in decline, 2 populations are increasing, 5 populations are stable, and 8 populations have inefficient data with missing information or outdated data.

Polar Bear Facts

  1. Polar bears are considered the king of the Arctic because is the largest carnivorous mammal.
  2. Polar bear spends most of the on sea ice so they are counted in as marine mammal of the Arctic ocean.
  3. The skin of the polar bear is not white. Actually, it is jet black but its fur is translucent that reflects visible light.
  4. A female polar bear can give birth to 3 cubs, and from the very beginning life of baby bear their mom teach them hunting
  5. Polar bears can swim at the speed of 10 kilometers per hour, they are good at swimming with they prefer ice sea or snow over water.

International Polar Bear Day FAQ’s

Question: Why polar bears are endangered?
Answer: Climate change is the main reason that put the lives of polar bears in endanger, but the hunting of polar bears from the past is also the reason for the decline in the population of international polar bears. It is said that the exploration of oil and gas companies are interested in exploration in the Arctic that will largely affect the habitat of polar bears.

Question: What do polar bears eat?
Answer: Polar bears are carnivorous and fulfill their diet by meat; they hunt ringed seals, bearded seals, whale carcasses, and walruses. Polar bears spend most of the time waiting for seals when they come to the surface of the sea to breathe they hunt them.

Question: How long do polar bears live?
Answer: Polar bears are the most powerful carnivorous marine mammals with a maximum age of 30 years in rare cases. But most of the time they die when their age reaches 25 years.

Bottom Line
The list of endangered species due to climate change is increasing with respect to decades. Many scientists and researchers are arguing that climate change is a natural phenomenon and it has nothing to do with human activities, but somehow there is a correlation between climate change and human activities that means a decrease in air pollution can slow the speed of natural changes in climate. Saving nature is as important as serving humanity. This content is a contribution towards the awareness of endangered species, and sharing knowledge about the causes of human activities on nature. We work for the conservation of the environment because we care about the environment.

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