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International Day of Forests- Forest Restoration

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The United Nations General Assembly announced 21st March as the International day of forests in the United Nations annual observation calendar onwards from 2012. This day has been celebrated to realize the importance of every type of forest. Forests play an important role to sustain a healthy life on earth. The importance of forests can be realized by the benefits of forests that mankind is getting for billions of years. Forests are the lungs of the earth, they purify the air, maintain the water cycle in balance, They also keep the earth’s temperature stable.
International forests day is a reminder of the values of forests as forests are the source of food, a shelter for millions of different types of animal species, insects, and birds. Some of the benefits for humans are food for indigenous tribes, provide fresh air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, useful medicines, timber for infrastructures, wood for furniture, wood as a fossil fuel, and greenery on earth, etc.

After all these benefits the behavior towards forests is very crucial. The rapid speed of deforestation is creating difficulties in sustainable life on earth. The causes of deforestation are creating a disturbance in the eco-system, it can lead to an increase in the issue of global warming by rising in temperature, and increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Deforestation has also a role in putting the lives of many endangered animal species to an end.

International Day of Forest 2021 theme

This year “Forest restoration” is the theme selected for the international day of forests. The theme forest restoration means towards the path of recovery and well-being. This call for restoration and sustainable management can help to overcome the issues of climate change and biodiversity.
The use of forest resources inefficient way and their sustainable management is the key to reduce the impact of climate change and can bring prosperity for the future generations.

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