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International Day of Action for Rivers

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The celebration of the international day of action for rivers is an initiative to raise the voice for the protection and restoration of rivers across the world on 14th March of each year. Different communities around the globe celebrate this day to aware people of the threats facing by rivers. The aim of this celebration is also to build a close connection between the interest-oriented people and find better solutions for water and energy.

International Day of Action for Rivers 2021

This year the theme of international river day is “Rights for Rivers”. Many local communities around the world celebrate this day for the protection of rivers. Their demands are to bring improvements in decision-making policies and practices regarding rivers. It is a day to educate and raise awareness about the threats facing by our rivers. There might be insignificant importance of celebrating the international day of rivers for urban citizens that lives in different corners of the world, but these rivers play an important role in a sustainable eco-system and green environment. Celebrating international river day unites the indigenous people by acting together for the rights of rivers. The celebration of river day shows the strength of the affected people, and it is a clear message to the rest of the world that their issues are not merely local but global in scope.

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Importance of Rivers

Rivers are considered the veins of the earth, and they play an important role in the water cycle. They are the source of transport of nutrients that fertilizes our meadows, forests, and nourishes our beaches. The lives of millions of animal species, plant species, birds, and insects are associated with the flow of rivers and wetlands. The importance of rivers is not only bounded to nature but it also plays a vital role in the lives of indigenous people. It serves as a good source of food, water, and agriculture for them. Rivers also have a prime role in the belief system of many indigenous groups.
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History of International Day of Action for Rivers

International day of action for rivers is also known as an International day against the dam, for rivers, water, and life. It is an international day of action against the dam, for the river, water, and life. This day is adopted by the group of participants of the first international meeting of communities affected by dams. The meeting was held on 14th March 1997 in Curitiba Brazil. Onwards from that year, the ecological importance of this day was defined as an international day of action against large dams for rivers. Leaders of 20 countries decide to celebrate this day on an international level against large dams that affect livelihood. The aim of the celebration of this day is to aware of one another of the destructive water development projects, restoration of river and watersheds, demand for equitable management of rivers water, and efficient solution of water and energy.
Sometimes the construction of large dams becomes a step towards un-development for some societies. The communities’ stakeholders of the large dams did not receive enough expected benefits of the newly constructed dam than the cost of it. It’s not just human cost in form of displacing people from their own ancestral residency to some other places, but the huge environmental and social cost that has to borne by many indigenous people. They are even deprived of the electric power generated by the nearer dams. Their communities, agricultural land, farmers and fishermen, management of water use, all become affected by the construction of large dams nearer communities.
The international day of action for the river is dedicated to solidarity with the most diverse communities of the world to raise a voice to say that rivers matter for them. These Indigenous communities have the right to access fresh and flowing rivers and watersheds. Their freedom of right to live should be considered by policymakers while planning for these mega-dams.

How to Celebrate International River Day

Let’s be a voice of those less marginalized communities and start an awareness campaign for their rights on flowing rivers. Here are a few of the tips to celebrate international river day
1) Become a part of the international event on this day organized by the International River Organization.
2) Organize a rally and start March towards the river with the theme of “Rights for Rivers” nearer to your location in solidarity with the world rivers.
3) Gather volunteers in your community and start planning to clean a signal river in your community on this day.
4) Write a blog like this one on International day of action for rivers and share it on social media with hashtags i.e. #InternationalRiverDay2021, #internationaldayofActionForRivers, #RightsforRivers, etc.
5) Share this blog post on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform in celebration of international river day.

Bottom line:
The aim of this content is to celebrate the International day of action for river and raise awareness on the issues faced by indigenous people around the world. We are working for a green and sustainable environment and also we provide unbiased reviews on eco-friendly and green products. Our goal is to share knowledge about sustainable living because we care about you, and also we care about the environment.

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