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Global Earth Day 2022_Be first to Invest in planet

Global Earth Day, Shopycone

Earth Day

Earth day is the international day observed on the 22nd march of each year worldwide. Earth Day was first celebrated on 22nd April 1970, Most countries are suffering from extreme weather conditions and the increasing climate crisis is making them more vulnerable each year. The earth day celebration aims to bring millions of people together to create awareness of these climatic issues like air pollution that is the causing reason for global warming, deforestation, and mismanagement of natural resources in wicked ways.

Earth Day 2021

Shopycone Earth day 2021

This year’s theme of Earth day 2021 is “Restore our Earth”. The idea behind the theme of this year is to focus on natural processes and promote green technologies that would help to restore the global ecosystem. It started with 3 days of event activities from 20th April to 22nd April of each year that covers all aspects of climate actions.

Earth day 2021 will begin on 20 April with the panel discussions of global youth climate summit activists, their speeches, discussions, and special messages to the world’s youth. On 21st April there is an international education event that will represent 32 million educators who will participate in the “teach for the planet: Global Education Summit” at 7 AM Eastern. This virtual summit will focus on the role of educators in combating climate change.  On 22 April the has arranged the Earth day second live digital event. There will be panel discussions, workshops, Focus Group Discussions, and special performances that will focus on the restoration of the earth.

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