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Air pollution Vs COVID-19 | A strange relation

Corona versus pollution
Corona virus and clear atmosphere
A clear photo of Himalayas from 859 km away
Table of Content
  • Air pollution and the Spread of Corona Virus
  • Air pollution level decreased due to COVID-19 Breakout
  • Corona Virus Correlation with Temperature
  • Corona Virus Updates
  • Conclusion

Air Pollution is Intensifying Spread of Corona Virus

Basic health facilities are the birthright of every individual but unfortunately, the vulnerable health care system around the world is the biggest weakness that causes social inequality. Since coronavirus spread around the world, it has been observed that air pollution is intensifying this pandemic. Health specialists declared two main risk factors that can increase the chance of dying from novel coronavirus.

  • Being too young or old, that is age below 5 and above 50 years.
  • Weak immune system

But air pollution is also one of the main factors to decrease the chance of survival in such a pandemic. If a person living in a polluted area his lungs used to work like a smoker’s_ person who smokes because pollution has toxic gases that harm the lungs and give birth to respiratory system diseases. People having poor air quality are more vulnerable to novel coronavirus compared to those who have better air quality. Air pollution causes chronic diseases like lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, and respiratory diseases. Even study investigated that air pollution also causes premature birth of a child, low birth weight, and maternal health complications.

Of course, air pollution particles do not help to transmit the virus that causes 2019-nCoV because its length is 60-140 nm in diameter which cannot be possibly transmitted through the air but is mainly transmitted in droplets that emerge from the coughing or sneezing of the infected person. The droplets quickly fall on metal or floor and survive for 72 hours on average. Therefore global health care authorities suggested staying from others at a distance of 1 meter.

Researchers of the outbreak of COVID-19 share their views that bad air quality makes viruses more deadly. A study from 2003 on the outbreak of SARS-COV-1  claimed that air pollution can possibly double the risk of pandemic viruses. Air quality in northern Italy and Wuhan city is greater than the moderate air quality index which might be a reason for the highly affected ratio among the residents of the two regions.

Remember that China is one of the great air polluters, where the air quality index remains 7.2 times greater than the safe threshold level standardized by the World Health Organization. Whether or not pandemics have any significant relation with air quality, we should reduce air pollution to the threshold level issued by the world health organization said the head of the public and environmental health department at the World Health Organization (WHO).

Developed countries can work for a healthy environment as global environmental issues are collective problems and every state actor should play its role in a sustainable clean environment. It shall come to pass, after that once again the world will realize the importance of a universal health coverage system. It will also help to achieve goal 15th_life on earth of sustainable development goals.

Air Pollution has fallen due to Corona Virus Outbreak

The impact of closing economic activities around the world out to the COVID-19 outbreak unexpectedly brings some positive change in the atmosphere. From an environmental perspective, it gives us a blue sky, clear weather, and clean water from Venice to Beijing. Air pollution due to massive moments of vehicles and large industries chimneys are no longer in the air as the world face lock-down of three weeks.

The shutter down of global economic activities as a result of the global pandemic sharply falls greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere released from the vehicles and energy sector. Researchers from New York are saying that 50 percent of the carbon monoxide released from the transportation of vehicles is observed decreased compared to last year. While talking to BBC he says that it is a great historical decline in air pollution in New York City.

Most of the developed countries contribute more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the global environment but last week’s satellite images of different world busy cities are enough clean gives a clear sign of the reality behind a polluted atmosphere. The lockdown situation drops the carbon emission up to 10 percent and half of carbon monoxide in New York City. Similarly china’s capital city, Beijing is found a 25 % decrease in energy emission from the last two weeks. This fall down in carbon emission is believed to be a 1 percent annual decrease in overall carbon emission contributed by china.

Italy and china satellite images after COVID 19 breakout

Annually 3 million deaths happen in various parts of the world due to outdoor air pollution. Air pollution causes chronic diseases like asthma and other respiratory health diseases leading to one of the big risk factors for the world. Although millions of people are directly suffering from this global pandemic and thousands, have lost their lives, and some are in critical condition between life and death. Indirectly every individual is in a lockdown situation and the world is facing economic crises due to coronavirus breakout.

On The other hand decline in air pollution in shutter-down circumstances brings positive development for the human on earth in form of a clean atmosphere, while looking at it from an environmentalist point of view. A clean atmosphere may also help to resist the transmission of novel coronavirus and also in the recovery of patients who are suffering from COVID-19 as the disease attacked lungs and respiratory health and clean air can make it easier for the affected people and patients. In short term, a temporary decline in emission also reduces the risk of global climate change.

From another point of view, researchers are predicting a long-term threat to climate change. Due to the current crisis shortage of food supply will increase aggregate demand only for food items. In the coming future industrial sector will try to cover the deficit of all goods and maybe some countries who largely depend on the extraction of petroleum, coal, and nuclear energy may not follow the standard operating procedures of global environmental and health protection organizations that would lead to increase carbon emission in the atmosphere.

A Researcher from climate concern warns that coronavirus will badly affect climate change action from corporations and several countries. A professor from Earth system science at Stanford University said that from the corporate sector there is a high chance of cancellation of the environmental and climate-friendly projects as they are running in a financial crisis. Most of the corporate sector companies were the big donors of these environment-friendly projects.

Coronavirus Correlation With Temperature

The rapid speed of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. Most of the diseases like flu arrive in winter when the weather remains cold while with the change in global temperature such typical diseases disappear. The same is the case with the novel coronavirus, as the world is expecting a seasonal correlation of this epidemic with global temperature changes.

Since it emerged in December-mid in clod in the dry season and spread quickly with sharp cases in the US and Europe. Comparing the temperature of different regions it is clearly understood that only temperate has no correlation with COVID-19 as experts on April 10th claimed that is spread through human contact and has no correlation with changes in temperature. Later on, it is observed that an increase in temperature and humidity helps to slow down the spreading speed of 2019-nCoV. Paper from china investigates the significant decrease in transmission of COVID-19 with the rise in temperature and high humidity.

Generally, an increase of one percent in temperature and humidity decreases the value of R by 0.0025 and 0.0158 percent, where R represents the basic reproductive ratio. Researchers and scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that most of the cases are locally transmitted others in regions with low temperature. Furthermore, it has been identified that favorable temperature for the survival of the virus is between 37 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit or 3 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Countries in the southern hemisphere are in mid of summer have an average temperature above 18 degrees Celsius have an 8 percent slow speed of transmission of coronavirus. High temperature and high humidity didn’t kill the virus but significantly decreased its rapid speed of transmission. However international health organizations strictly advised avoiding public gatherings and also advised to stay at home and cover your face with air pollution masks every time. see precautions and guidelines.

Coronavirus Updates

Till now April 6th, 2020 almost 208 countries are affected by the coronavirus. The numbers of coronavirus cases are approximately 1,289,843 around the world.  While the figure of the death toll caused by coronavirus is 70, 527, and successfully, 271, 882 patients have been recovered. Currently, 898,671 infected patients are in light condition and 46,048 patients are in critical condition around the world.

The United state of America remains on the top of the list with 336,851 positive cases. While Italy has 15,887 deaths figures on the top of the total deaths list. Below is the list of the top five countries having a great number of infected cases with the total number of deaths successful recoveries from coronavirus are mentioned.

List of top five counties affected due to coronavirus

Countries Total Cases Total  Deaths Total  Recovered
USA 336,851 6,620 17,977
Spain 135,032 13,055 40,437
Italy 128,948 15,887 21,815
Germany 100,132 1,584 28,700
France 92,839 8,078 16,183


Coronavirus Outbreak and spreading to the world

The deadly Coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan, the city of china unexpectedly spread in 208 countries, almost hitting the entire world. It is believed that the virus is originated from the local seafood market also called the wild animal market of Wuhan in December 2019 and spread all over China. Wuhan is located in Hubei province.

It is the hub of transportation, highly dense population, and seventh-largest city of china that has a population of 11 million. Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a new virus and had not been experienced by humans in history.

It can be easily transmitted from an infected person to others which causes respiratory system diseases. Common symptoms of this mysterious virus are dry cough, fever, weakness, breathing difficulties. There is no specific vaccination as a cure for the coronavirus, but WHO published precautions and guidelines like social distancing, washing hands frequently and covering mouth and nose with air pollution masks, and staying away from others. On January 30, 2020, when the epidemic starts spreading to other countries world health organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern. Many countries ban public gatherings and declare partials lock-down on national levels at that time. International flights from china and other affected countries were stopped on an emergency basis.

In the current situation, the world is facing the situation of lock-down, lack of better health facilities, shortage in testing kits for testing viruses, and ventilators for patients. Due to the Coronavirus effects, most of the developing countries are facing huge problems as a greater portion of their population lives below the poverty line. Daily wagers and poor people starving for food and medicine in a lock-down situation.

On the other hand, china recovers its health status and didn’t get any new cases of viruses this week. China will lift lock-down from Wuhan city on April 8, 2020. should china help less developed countries in this tough time? what is your opinion, let us know.


There is a need to understand the challenges and issues in the environment. Every country should collectively participate in environmental actions for climate change. Today world is fighting against global pandemic disease and the day is not so far that world will get rid of it but noticing that recovery of this epidemic should be a start of a war against climate change. Therefore developed countries should strongly cooperate on mutual interests.

Coronavirus will not take that much longer but threats to climate change will, so it all depends on the world’s mutual interest. How much developed countries should speed up their industrial sector and will contribute to global emission and will be climate change policies change due to pandemic crisis? What is your opinion?

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