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Best Sod Grass for Home in 2022 | Decor’s Guide

Shopycone Best Sod Grass for Home

Best sod grass for home makes it very easy to live with green grass just outside your door. An important issue that homeowners face is that in many parts outdoors sunlight is not sufficient. This means that the grass laid will have difficulty in growing. But you should know that various types of Wholesale Sod grass are available that can be the best in the shady areas.

FAQ’s For Installing Sod Grass

It is important that before choosing the right sod grass for the shade; you ask a few questions so that you can fully understand its features and how to maintain it.

1) How Much Sunlight Is Required For These Grasses?
Different grasses require a diversified amount of light in a day. This can range from 4 hours directly and 6 hours partially in the range of the sun. A few varieties can even survive in the sunlight filtering through the trees.

2) What Seasonal Grasses Are Shade Tolerant?
Both the cool and the warm are shade tolerant. But according to experts at Wholesale Sod dealers suggest having cool-season grass because they have the maximum level of tolerance to less sunlight.

3) Will Light Reach Grass After Trimming Trees And Plants?
If the grass that you have installed is highly shaded tolerant then it can survive in the minimum light. But it is recommended that trimming be done; so that light reaches the grass in the right amount.

4) Is Grass In Shade Taken Care Of Differently?
Yes, the grass in the shade is taken care of differently because sunlight is scarce. The trees and plants have to be pruned, aerate the soil, use the right fertilizer at the appropriate time and correct watering techniques are important.

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Types of Sod Grass Best For Shade

When you are searching for the right kind of grass for the shaded area in your front or backyard; you come across various companies. But the critical point to note is that to select the one that is providing both warm and cool-season grass types like Atlanta Sod Grass.

 Cool- Seasons Grasses Tolerate Shade Well
The cool-season grass is laid in areas where the weather is cooler than in other places. So they have the quality to grow when minimum light available. Below are the types of grasses that belong to a cooler season.

Tall Fescue Sod Grass
If there is an area in your lawn that is heavily shaded then you can think of Tall Fescue grass. if the availability of light is up to 4 hours then you can install this sod grass on your lawn.

The Kentucky Bluegrass
Although, Bluegrass has other species of grass they love to thrive in the sun. But as for Kentucky Bluegrass is the best grass for shade in Georgia.

Variety Of Ryegrass
In the areas where there is the dappled sun, this sod should not be laid; otherwise, you can lay it in other shaded locations.

Three Warm-Season Grass For Shady Places                                                          If you are thinking of having warm-season grasses in the shady areas; then these types can be considered.

Centipede Sod Grass
If this grass receives 6 hours of sunlight daily then the shade will not bother it.

Different Species Of Zoysia
Zoysia has other species as well and all of them need at least 6 hours of light. The rest of the day without sunlight is okay for these sod grasses.

Palmetto Or St. Augustine
This is another warm-season grass that can tolerate the shade more than other Wholesale Sod grasses.
Another option that you have is to mix two types of grass and lay the most tolerant in the extreme shade and the other in the normal shade.

Bottom Line: 

Sod grass increases the beauty of your backyard, front yard of your home. This content is about the types of sod grass for shady places in your home. We spread knowledge about the green environment, beautification of communities, cleanliness in our surroundings because we care, about the environment.

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