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About us, Who we are

Shopycone is a brand with a green initiative platform that aim is to aware people of environmental issues and provide information on eco-friendly tools, techniques, and products that makes our surroundings green. After realizing the importance of awareness regarding environmental issues in our societies, we came up with the brand’s mission “we care about environment” we start a campaign to promote eco-friendly products to raise awareness. In that regard we also launched our eco-friendly product to local market _ Reusable bag.

Currently, plastic litter due to its non-degradable nature become one of the challenging issues on a global level which is hazardous to the environment. we have launched an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag that is fashionable with good looks, made from high-quality material, and convenient for shopping.

shopycone reusable bags are long-lasting shopping bag that can be used for years. The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the use of plastic bags among consumers. Furthermore, it is a new product for the public in markets carrying a reasonable price tag. Apart from shopping, it can also be used for multiple purposes. Shopycone is well designed, comes with a catchy looking, and has the capability to bear heavy weights calculated at 5 to 7 kilograms. Its strong laces are comfortable and can easily handle more weight. Whereas, Shopycone is a great initiative for the first time in local markets and people can leverage it for the betterment of a clean environment.

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shopycone is also affiliated with Amazon. it means that we put affiliate links on products that can be viewed at Amazon and products purchased through this channel can generate commission for us that may be used to widen our social network for the betterment of the green environment.

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We provide possible information, unbiased reviews on different products that can be utilized for making our environment clean and green while evaluating our reviews, content about different products through experts so that it can be analyzed from all aspects to make it right for you.

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